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DVSA ORDIT Registration 0127 (10 Inspections passed)

ADI Part 3 Training/Rescue/Recovery/Development

Based in: Kingswinford, West Midlands, England, UK

In over 30 years involved in the driving instructor training industry, I would remark that, if many of the training companies and trainers were as good at training as they are at selling courses and dreams, then the delivery and standards of driver training would have been greatly improved – Chris Mennell, ADI Trainer/Re-trainer/Training coach/ Instructor development specialist, Masterclass Driving Instructor Training & Masterclass driver training, become a driving instructor, Kingswinford, West Midlands, UK- 2015


In 1970 the register of Approved Driving Instructors was introduced, to protect the public from poor standards of driving instruction. During this time, many changes have been made by governments of the day to encourage the improvement of standards, which to a degree have been successful.

However, at the end of year 2014 (44 years later) the number of ADIs on the official register stood at around 46,000. Yet the number of applications to become a driving instructor in this same period of time stood at well in excess of 500,000 ! Where did all these potential driving instructors go ?

Exam statistics…….

Generally 75% of candidates who start a training course pass the ADI part 1 , yet already at this stage 25% of new starters have disappeared or not continued with their training course.

Of the 75% of candidates who pass the ADI part 1 exam, only 50% of these will pass the ADI part 2 exam, within the 3 allowed attempts. So of the original starters only 37/38 per 100 will get to this stage.

At the ADI part 3 stage, only 23% of the remaining candidates will be finally successful to become an Approved Driving Instructor, so the average is down to 12/13 per starting 100, this is an unacceptable figure. The question to be asked is: Is it the standard of the candidate or the trainer/training company, or both ? that is at fault for these statistics !

Over 50% of successful candidates pass the ADI part 3 , achieving only the basic grades.

The part 3 examination……..

The ADI part 3 is a role play examination. The examiner drives as the ‘pupil’ using selective testing with regard to the tested subjects of which the candidate will have to teach. Passing this examination will lead to basic qualification as an Approved Driving Instructor. Training for this examination is best conducted in a role play environment with the support if needed of an element of classroom training. Personal ‘one to one’ training is best, internet learning/distance learning is not ideal preparation for this style of examination.

But why is the pass rate so low ?

Simple, the candidate does not have the necessary skills to qualify or the training provider does not have the necessary skills to prepare the candidate. As the rules currently stand, any ADI can attempt to train another person to become an ADI. In what other profession would this type of situation be allowed to occur ? The DVSA and the industry in general (up to a degree) have tried hard to encourage the official instructor training register (ORDIT), yet unregulated trainers still continue to ‘train’ and offer training courses to the general public.

Chris Mennell-Masterclass ADI training/ Masterclass driver training-Kingswinford-West Midlands-UK…….

As an ADI trainer/re-trainer, I have assessed many candidates who have failed the ADI part 3 examination. The main problem areas encountered at the assessment stage, are that the candidate doesn’t understand what is required, their personal skills are not good enough to reach the required standard, their role play/simulation is poor, fault finding and correction is unacceptable, the concept of fault prevention is none existent. The training delivery was not structured, the training/simulation didn’t match the individual’s needs. The training provider was more interested in selling the instructor a franchise opportunity, than providing high quality training and continuing development.

Independent ADI part 3 Training/Rescue/Recovery/Development-West Midlands-UK…

If you are a potential driving instructor who is struggling to pass or understand the ADI part 3 exam, in, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Stourbridge, Walsall, Cannock, Birmingham, Telford, Shrewsbury, Worcester, Kidderminster, West Bromwich, Kingswinford, and all ADI part 3 rescue/recovery/development – Masterclass ADI training-West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire-ADI part 3 training/rescue/recovery/development.

Independent help, advice and training/re-training for your ADI part 3 is available from Chris Mennell at Masterclass ADI training- Masterclass driver training, Kingswinford-West Midlands-UK.

Chris will talk to you and discuss what has happened with your training, including any part 3 tests that have been failed (you may have been told that you were close to passing, when you were nowhere near the standard), some questions will be asked about your training techniques, it’s not a test, but Chris will be able to give the best advice if he has the full picture of what has been happening. For those who have been encouraged into internet training courses, we may wish to see you ‘face to face’ to discuss you previous training.

After the initial telephone consultation, we will make an agreed appointment to conduct an assessment of you current standard, (this is not a test). We will come to you, to an agreed meeting place, eg: a local test centre or your home address etc. We are happy to meet you outside of your area, if you are concerned about privacy regarding your current training provider or driving school. All training offered for ADI part 3 rescue & recovery will be offered by Masterclass ADI training & Chris Mennell (Ordit official instructor training) In Dudley, Wolverhampton, Telford, Shrewsbury, Walsall, Birmingham, West Bromwich, Cannock, Kidderminster, Worcester, Kingswinford, Redditch, Stafford, including ADI part 3 Rescue/training/recovery/development in the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire & Worcestershire, Wales and England areas by arrangement. Masterclass driver training.

You will be treated with respect and courtesy at all times, (we work to the DVSA code of practice) we understand it can be difficult to recover and develop this type of training and that making a mistake with choosing your original training provider. We will give you completely independent advice, we are not selling, trying to sell a franchise, or sell your services to a driving school. What we will do, is offer you honest independent advice and training, (we have trained hundreds of ADIs), we will work to your strengths and develop your weaknesses and work to help you to achieve your personal aims and goals.

The ADI part 3 Assessment- Chris Mennell- Masterclass ADI training- West Midlands-UK

Initial greeting and welcome

Discussion regarding previous training

Explanation of assessment format

Role play assessment of phase 1 (part trained)

Role play assessment of phase 2 (trained/full licence holder)

Debriefing and discussion on how to take things forward.

What training options are available

Session ends.

Training fees are agreed at initial contact prior to booking, training records are keep on all clients, receipts are issued for all training payments, only DVSA approved trainers are used for training, an appointment card is used for all training sessions, a terms of business and operational policy is given to all clients. Trainers will be well presented at all times and vehicles will be clean and tidy. A complaints policy also applies (although it has never been needed)

Why choose us ? ………

Masterclass ADI training- Masterclass driver training & development Part 3 training/rescue/recovery/development, in Dudley, Wolverhampton, Telford, Stafford, Shrewsbury, Birmingham, Kidderminster, Walsall, Kingswinford, Worcester, Redditch, West Bromwich, Chris Mennell-ORDIT instructor trainer.

We are professional and treat you as an individual

Our training is structured personally to you

The training is conducted on a ‘pay as you go’ basis only

We are knowledgeable and know our subject

Our training is proven, hundreds of part 3 passes (a 6/6 pass achieved October 2014)

Over 30 years, experience in instructor training and development

We come to you and/or are flexible regarding training locations

Training records are up-dated at the end of every session, training is structured and carefully planned

The role play and simulation is conducted to a very high level of competence

We really do listen to you and understand your concerns

There is no selling, no franchises, we are not selling you to a driving school

We are completely Independent, we are on YOUR side.

Contact us…….

By telephone, call us free on 0800 148 8132

By mobile, 07948 407 959

By email, [email protected]

By Text, 07956 952 529


The ADI part 3 exam, is a difficult test, but is achievable with the correct training and preparation. You only have 3 attempts, so why waste them (and the test fee), if you are not ready or are not correctly prepared. You can’t pass this exam by just reading books or working off the internet. You need ‘face to face’ in car training with good fault simulation and role play simulation, with an experienced trainer, with a high pass rate, it’s your choice!

Masterclass ADI training- ADI part 3 Training, Masterclass Driver Training, ADI part 3 training/rescue/recovery/development, in Dudley, Wolverhampton, Stourbridge, Telford, Walsall, Birmingham, Kidderminster, Shrewsbury, Cannock, Stafford, Worcester, Redditch, West Bromwich, Wednesbury, Bilston, Kingswinford, Wombourne, Hagley, Penn, Safe teaching-everyday, Chris Mennell, DVSA ORDIT Driving Instructor Trainer, ADI part 3 training/rescue/recovery/development- ADI part 3 training-pay as you train-hourly training- West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, individual, confidential, professional service, ADI Training- Teach driving.


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