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About Chris Mennell

Chris Mennell – Approved Driving Instructor/Trainer- Kingswinford

Christopher Mennell Known as ‘Chris Mennell’ is a DVSA Approved driving Instructor/Trainer, who is based in Kingswinford (DY6) in the West Midlands UK. He should not be confused with other instructors of a similar name.

In a driver training career that has completed over 33 years, Chris Mennell has trained, over 350 ADIs to full qualification, retrained and developed over 600 driving instructors. He has 1000s of learner driver passes and has also trained a very wide variety of training domains, including advanced driving. Chris has also maintained and developed, his own personal high standards and professionalism (CPD).

Chris Mennell has passed all 6 six of his DVSA check tests at grade 6 (highest grade) and is a grade A (highest grade) instructor under the new DVSA standards check with a full 51/51 maximum score. He has passed 10 ORDIT (DVSA Approved) Driving instructor training inspections,  holds the diploma in driving instruction, adult education teachers certificate, DVSA external trainer development programme (conducted at DVSA training centre Cardington). These are just a sample of Chris Mennells’ continuing development.

Having an honest and professional approach with a strong work ethic, has always been at the heart of Chris Mennell’s working philosophy. He has always treated everyone in a professional, polite and courteous manner, always putting the client’s needs first. On many occasions he has given his personal time for no charge, to help clients achieve their learning goals.

Chris Mennell now operates as an individual instructor/trainer, trading as Masterclass Driver Training. He spent many years owning and running one of the largest driving schools in the West Midlands. He now specialises in offering ‘one to one’ individual tuition/coaching to a wide variety of clients at many different standards, within the driver training spectrum. Chris, offers clients a wealth of experience, gained from conducting over 52,000 training sessions, at all levels. From the young cyclist, the nervous learner, the worried mature driver, the potential driving instructor, the experienced driving instructor, the company driver, to the top advanced driver, Chris Mennell is always there to help and develop.

Services offered by Chris Mennell driving instructor/trainer, Masterclass Driver Training, Kingswinford, West Midlands, UK.

All training is conducted by Chris Mennell, on a ‘one to one’ pay by the hour basis. Training records are kept on all clients, feedback will be given at the end of every training session and tuition fees will be agreed prior to the commencement of training.

Chris Mennell – Driving Instructor/Trainer – Driving instruction

Nervous cyclist, Road safety advice for children, School crossing procedures, Under 17s driving lessons (14 years +) Learner drivers, including, Beginners, part trained, lost confidence in the current instructor, nervous and anxious, struggling with multiple test fails, learning difficulties. Mock tests, controlling over confidence. If a service is not listed, call Chris Mennell on 07948 407 959 for free advice and professional guidance. One to one training, no shared cars.

Chris Mennell – Driving Instructor/Trainer – Instructor training

Initial assessments for training course entry, ADI part 1, ADI part 2 (driving ability) No up-front fees, pay by the hour, ADI part 2 – Rescue – where did it all go wrong ? Recovery and development training for ADI part 2. ADI Part 3 (teaching ability) no up-front fees, pay by the hour, very experienced trainer, ADI part 3 –Rescue – where did it all go wrong? Recovery and development training for ADI part 3. You do not have to take a trainee licence to instruct, to pass the ADI part 3 examination. One to one training, no shared cars.

Chris Mennell – Driving Instructor/Trainer – ADI Standards Check

Individual, confidential and professional service Chris Mennell will travel to meet and develop/coach you, Preparation for a 1st standards check, development following a fail/fails, recovering a loss of confidence, regaining instructional motivation, understanding the marking sheet/requirements, general instructor assessments. Chris has multiple training modules to select from, very experienced trainer, all training is one to one and pay by the hour, it is also income tax deductible. One to one training, no shared cars.

Chris Mennell – Driving Instructor/Trainer – On going driver development

Mature drivers development scheme, refresher lessons, motorway driving, defensive driving skills, Eco safe driving, Company drivers, occupational drivers, preparation for advanced driving tests, preparation for speed awareness course, preparation for the DVSA extended test (following a ban for dangerous driving), Taxi test preparation. Call Chris Mennell on 07948 407 959, to discuss any matters regarding, driving and personal development, he is here to help.

Contact Chris Mennell by telephone on 07948 407 959
Contact Chris Mennell by text on 07421 272 408 or 07948 407 959
Contact Chris Mennell by email at  [email protected]

Develop driving/training skills, in Kingswinford, Wall Heath, Dudley, Stourbridge, Wolverhampton, Kidderminster, Hagley, Wombourne, Penn, Gornal, Sedgley, Pensnett, Brierley Hill, Wordsley, Bridgnorth and all surrounding areas, with Chris Mennell Driving Instructor/Trainer, Masterclass Driver Training, Promoting “Safe Driving everyday”

If you are a recommendation from over 30 years ago or new client to Chris Mennell, he will always make you welcome and will always try his best for you.