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driving_instructor_leeds[1]‘SAFE TEACHING EVERYDAY’

“Driving instructor training and development plays an essential part in road safety, the education of new and existing drivers and in the safety of society in general. It is the responsibility of all, to make our roads safer” Chris Mennell 2014

Chris Mennell from Masterclass Driver Training Limited is an “ADI masterclass” in driving instructor training and driving instructor personal development.

In over 28 years of working with ADIs to improve and develop their skills and teaching techniques, Chris Mennell from Masterclass has personally trained over 300 new driving instructors and has given development training (CPD) to over 600 qualified driving instructors and trainers. Chris Mennell at Masterclass Instructor Training is a DVSA top grade instructor and has achieved top grade status on all check tests and standards checks. Masterclass ADI trainingand Chris Mennell have passed 9 ‘ORDIT’ (government approved trainer) inspections.

At Masterclass instructor training all training is conducted on a ‘one to one’ basis by Chris Mennell. Pay by the hour training means no up-front fees and no non- returnable deposits. Masterclass ADI training operates as an independent training company and is not associated or affiliated to any other driving school or training company. ADI Masterclass training courses should not be confused with others, who wish to use the Masterclass trading name to promote their own services.

Masterclass driver training is based in Stourbridge, West Midlands UK. Our previous tried and tested driving instructor training course hasbeen copied by many and has now been replaced with a new course format. The new course is structured to client centred learning and risk assessment techniques. This exciting new course is available to those who are new entrants to the driver training industry in the West Midlands. Trainees who have started training and need to change training company, can continue their journey, to full qualification as an approved driving instructor, with Masterclass ADI training. To discuss our courses in confidence contact Chris Mennell on 07948 407 959.

Masterclass driver training limited and Chris Mennell offer an ADI Masterclass to all qualified driving instructors. Our independent, professional and confidential service, covers Masterclass ADI standards check Worcestershire, Masterclass ADI standards check Shropshire, Masterclass ADI standards check West Midlands, Masterclass ADI standards check Staffordshire.

Masterclass ADI training working from its training base in Stourbridge, West Midlands UK, offer pay hourly training to Independent ADIs. We understand that ADIs are busy people and time is money, that’s why we come to you. You train in your own area, its ‘one to one’ training and you are treated as an individual. Experience shows us that ADIs feel more comfortable with this style of training.

Traveling a long distance (fuel and stress and maybe a hotel), sitting in a room of strangers and feeling uncomfortable, paying for a days’ course months in advance with no refund, losing a days’ pay and diary disruption.  Driving home with a certificate and a headache, asking yourself “what was that all about ?” Is not always the best method of improving your personal training skills. (It’s great for the training provider !) We work with you ‘in car’ in your real working environment

Chris Mennell at Masterclass ADI training aims to develop your skills, to make you a better teacher. We have a variety of training modules ranging from preparation for the DVSA Driving Instructor standards check, Question answer techniques, skill analysis, route planning, marketing, become a trainer, professional presentation, lesson planning, preparing a course plan, understanding clients, transfer of responsibility, coaching, mind mapping, conditioning, dealing withthe test centrewaiting room and many many more.   Call Chris Mennell at ADI Masterclass and Masterclass ADI training, Stourbridge. West Midlands UK.

Promoting ‘safe teaching everyday’ for independent driving instructors, contact Chris Mennell at Masterclass driver training, Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK on 07956 952 529