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– The driver ‘M.O.T.’

“Driver training  and development is not just for learner drivers, it’s for all drivers of any standard, to promote safe driving everyday” Chris Mennell, principal and chief instructor/trainer, Masterclass driver training, 2015.

Your vehicle  legally needs an ‘MOT’ every 12 months (vehicle over 3 years old) this is for the safety of all road users. But what about the drivers ‘MOT’ ?  Statistics show that 98% of the UKs driving population take no further driver training/development, from the day they pass the basic government driving test to the day their driving career ends.

One of the most common statements made by drivers is “I wouldn’t pass my driving test now !” yet drivers continue to allow their personal standards to deteriorate to an unsafe level. Many drivers would greatly benefit from an annual or bi-annual ‘MOT’ of their basic driving skills. This would clearly help general road safety standards, keep drivers up-to-date with skills and knowledge, drive by example, encourage good manners and general courtesy towards others and above all improve personal safety standards.

Take a moment to see what is going on !

Despite standards of driver training and testing being raised over the last few decades, general driving standards have declined to a very low level of competence.

On the UKs roads, 10 people are killed every day and annually 250,000 are seriously injured in traffic related incidents and these statistics continue every year. There would be public outrage if this was an aeroplane or a train statistic, yet it would appear that for cars its acceptable.

Young drivers make up 6% (17 to 21 years) of the driving population in the UK, but are now responsible for over 30% of traffic collisions, 46% of new male drivers will be involved in at least one serious accident within the first six months of passing their basic government driving test. With an ageing population, older drivers continue to drive, with many not accepting that their skills are deteriorating and many seem to be determined not to accept help from driver training professionals. Many other driving sectors are also responsible for safe driving every day, company drivers, drivers on the school run, professional drivers, casual every day drivers, all must play their part, in being safe and responsible.

The two main areas for concern in every day driving are: use of speed and driver distraction.


Every year in the UK, one million drivers are caught spending. Many think that the fine and points remain the same regardless of how fast the driver was going. This not the case, the higher the speed the higher the fine and points. Being caught over double the speed limit will result in an automatic 56 day disqualification.

Speeding means, aggressive tendencies, lack of driver discipline, breaking the law, encourages others to do the same and in some cases become competitive, the vehicle takes longer distances to stop. It also teaches younger passengers through learnt behaviour, to follow the same bad habits and to continue this, when they learn to drive.

Speeding and not driving within the speed matching the conditions, also contributes to over 50%  of the UKs traffic collisions (the number one problem). It affects, fuel consumption, exhaust emissions, is ‘hard’ on the vehicle (shortens its working life), leading to higher repair costs (brakes, tyres, clutches). A drivers health can be affected, more stress, high blood pressure, encourages road rage, anger to others, inconsiderate behaviour to others and a lack of enjoyment of the safe driving experience.

Insurance companies are now looking at points on driving licences (in particular sp30, the code for speeding). This will lead to higher yearly premiums, this could well impact on future employment prospects (employers want a clean driving licence). 12 penalty points acquired in a 3 year period will lead will lead to an automatic disqualification (6 points for a new driver, in the first two years). How would a disqualification affect most drivers life styles ?


Driver distraction contributes to 23% of all the UKs driving collisions. The area of driver distraction covers a very wide range of target areas, driver fatigue affects concentration, alcohol/drugs/medication affect driver performance, passenger interaction, use of mobile devises including texting and tweeting/facebook !!! Allowing thinking to drift, on to none related driving matters, radio/music to loud (can’t hear emergency services), supervising children, poor attitude, lack of knowledge of the rules of the road, the list is endless.

Driving a motor car is a very serious matter and a driver must be concentrating 100% at all times when driving, the law requires a driver to drive with due care and attention and it is the drivers personal responsibility to conduct themselves safely when driving.

Being involved in needless and avoidable accidents can be very expensive and can be a life changing experience for the driver and the victim, drive safely every day.

Inconsiderate driving is also on the increase, basic good manners and courtesy are in decline, it costs nothing to say ‘thank you’ and it only takes a few moments to give way to another driver. Driving is a constant thinking skill and distractions should not be allowed to affect the driving process. Driving is not an aggressive/competitive situation.

What can drivers do to improve standards ?

Masterclass driver training has many years of experience in improving and developing experienced drivers, including offering refresher training to drivers of all ages, genders and standards, in Kingswinford, Wombourne, Stourbridge, Brierley Hill, Dudley, Hagley, Kinver, Wordsley, Lye, Pedmore, Trysall, Seisdon, Claverley, Hilton, Enville, Bobbington, Amblecote, Norton, Wolverhampton, Sedgley, Gornal, Wall Heath, Himley, Penn, Kidderminster and all surrounding areas. Masterclass driver training-refresher lessons-West Midlands

Our Masterclass driver training, driver ‘MOT’ is aimed at drivers who want to refresh and/or develop their current driving skills. Experience shows us that, drivers are either nervous or reluctant to pursue these practices, however, once they have experienced how this training can help them, they are very eager to develop higher driving skills.

The Assessment/Driver ‘MOT’

Masterclass driver training refresher assessment is not a test, it is an informal but professional assessment of the individuals practical driving skills but also deals with all aspects of the drivers personal profile. The initial assessment lasts for 90 minutes and costs £40, we come to your home address, so you can drive in your own area. However, we can meet you at any location of your choice. You can you use your vehicle or ours, again it’s your personal choice.

The Assessment/Driver ‘MOT’ Content-Masterclass driver training-Kingswinford-UK

Initial greeting and welcome

Eyesight and driving licence check

Assessment introduction and ‘what’s going to happen’

Informal drive, this will also involve discussion on driving concerns

Debriefing and general feedback

Look forward to further development

Sessions ends and general chat

Driver Development/Refresher training-Masterclass driver training-Kingswinford-UK

Any driver training and development will be discussed at the end of the assessment, however, your masterclass instructor will be more than happy to help/advise/discuss any concerns you might have, regarding your personal requirements/development. We offer hourly training sessions and these are conducted to suit your needs and budget, your progress will be monitored and discussed at all times, we are totally flexible to your personal needs.  The instructor will also be honest with you, we have to tell you ‘how it is’  We are sure you understand that policy is best for your safety and development. Our aim is to make you a safe, polite, considerate and careful driver, promoting ‘safe driving everyday’


Many of the driving community see safe driving practise as a weakness, where the rules mean nothing, with safety nowhere on the agenda and good driving manners being a thing of the past. We at Masterclass driver training, see safe driving and your positive approach to your personal driving, as a positive strength. Safety and courtesy, the driving skill and knowledge are promoting ‘safe driving everyday’ Refresher driver training-Masterclass driver training-kingswinford-uk.


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Refresher driving lessons-Masterclass driver training-Kingswinford-West Midlands-UK

‘Safe driving everyday’

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