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Learning to Drive in Stourbridge

Under 17s/Pre 17s driving lessons in Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK

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Every year in the UK 750,000 new drivers become 17 and start to learn to drive, Masterclass Driver Training, driving lessons in Stourbridge DY8, offer 30 years of experience in the training thousands of new drivers to driving test standard, in the local areas. Those learning to drive with Masterclass Driver Training in Stourbridge, are assured of professional conduct, high standards of training and a client centred approach to all driving lessons.

Masterclass Driver Training in Kinver DY7 & Stourbridge, don’t offer cheap offers and gimmicks for driving tuition, if you want to spend long periods of the lesson parked at the kerbside, talking with the engine off, then Masterclass Driver Training in Wordsley DY8, is not the driving school for you. It is the policy of Masterclass Driver Training in Brierley Hill DY5, to drive and not talk at the kerbside for long periods. Masterclass Driver Training in Wollaston DY8 also guarantee not to discuss our clients with others and not to rubbish the work and reputations of other driving schools, driving instructors or driver trainers or DVSA driving examiners. The role of Masterclass Driver Training in Pedmore DY9 & Stourbridge Is to train all drivers to the highest standard we can and to the best of our ability, we have instructors in all areas of Stourbridge.

Why Choose Masterclass Driver Training Stourbridge/Wall Heath DY6 for Driving lessons, driving tuition, driver training, learning to drive, new drivers, Under 17s/pre 17s driving lessons, pass your test, become a safe driver, driving school ?

Masterclass Driver Training in Wombourne WV5 & Stourbridge, only use local instructors, who have local knowledge of roads and places, including a working knowledge of the local test centre (Lower Gornal). We don’t use instructors who have been sent in to the area with little idea of where they are.

Masterclass Driver Training in Stourbridge DY9, We don’t use franchise instructors, these types of instructors are usually working excessive hours to pay their driving school fees and costs. This must affect their ability to give quality service. Our Instructors are hand picked and ‘in-house trained’ to work enough lessons per week to keep fresh and enthusiastic and give good service.

Masterclass Driver Training in Pensnett DY5 & Stourbridge, Offer driving lessons at weekends and in the evenings, we don’t charge extra for this service. We may from time to time offer discounts for weekday, daytime lessons.

Masterclass Driver training in Gornal DY3 & Stourbridge, We offer driving not talking, we accept some things need a kerbside explanation, but not for 20 to 30 minutes ! You will drive on your first lesson and will drive to and from home as soon as you are able.

Masterclass Driver Training in Stourbridge/Wall Heath DY6, we won’t discuss you or your progress with others, including your friends who may be learning with us. We don’t use social media and we won’t try to force you to have your photo taken, after a test pass, to use as an advertising gimmick. We approach lessons with a good scene of humour and encourage your interaction.

Masterclass Driver Training in Sedgley DY3 & Stourbridge, Also offer you, pre 17s/under 17s driving lessons, at our training site at Stourbridge rugby club, Stourton park, Bridgnorth Road, Stourton DY7 6QZ, we run lessons every Saturday morning throughout the year. The ideal way to get ahead of the rest or if you are nervous and want to practice before going on the road.

Masterclass Driver Training in Wordsley DY8 & Stourbridge. Everyone is different, some learn quicker, some slower, some have good car skills, some take longer, there are many factors that affect personal development. Our student record cards, record all your progress across the learning to drive syllabus. You will have this record card to take with you, at the end of all your lessons.

Masterclass Driver Training in Amblecote, Stourbridge, DY8, Uses a client centred approach to its’ teaching. We will teach you to how you learn best, we will ask you about your preferred method of learning, everyone is different and we are flexible to this. You can always talk to us and we will listen.

Masterclass Driver Training in Stourbridge, West Midlands, You will always have to same instructor for your lessons, we understand the larger driving schools have instructors that ‘come and go’ but as a small local driving school we have a very settled team of instructors, giving you the same instructor for all your lessons.

Masterclass Driver Training in Wombourne WV5 & Stourbridge, Our value for money driving lessons are structured to suit you as the individual, the training plan will different for most clients. This is affected by ability, rate of learning, how often lessons are taken, private practice, where you live, time of day of lessons and many other factors. Remember we all learn at a different rate.

Masterclass Driver Training in Kinver & Stourbridge DY7, Our website does not contain reviews of client feedback, we are not in the business of making this up or putting pressure on clients to leave feedback they probably didn’t really want to leave. We would not have been in the driver training industry for the last 30 years if we didn’t do a good job. Try us and see for yourself.

Masterclass Driver Training in Brierley Hill DY5 & Stourbridge (under 17s driving lessons) We will never rubbish other driving instructors, that would be very unprofessional. However we know that this happens with others. Comments like “ it may not be you” aimed at clients that have failed tests, just to gain a commercial advantage, is disgraceful. If you have an instructor who is doing this, walk away !! All instructors try their best, some enjoy rubbishing others, just to cover their poor standard teaching and personal skills

Masterclass Driver Training in Kinver & Stourbridge DY7, offer all types of driver and instructor training Stourbridge, learning to drive, under 17s driving lessons Stourbridge, refresher, motorway, nervous drivers, pass plus, mature drivers, refresher training, theory, show/tell questions, mock tests to DVSA standards, offender rehabilitation courses, client centred techniques, driving instructor training, ADI Part 1, ADI Part 2, ADI Part 3 Stourbridge, DVSA ADI standards check Stourbridge, preparation and rescue, ADI Continuing Development modules and many more, call us for details. For your driving lessons call us free on 07948 407 959 or 07956 952 529 our prices are very competitive, you can text us on 07948 407 959 (no cost) or email at [email protected] (no cost). Try not to start the conversation with “how much are they ?” or “what is your deal ?”, I’m sure you agree that safe driving comes first, it’s easy to look for a quick and cheap pass, but young drivers need good training and development to become safe drivers, 46% of new male drivers have a least one serious accident in the first 6 months of passing the basic government driving test. The cheap option may not be the best !

Contact: Masterclass Driver Training – Stourbridge, Learn to drive, driving lessons, driver training, driving tuition, driving instructors, pass your test, pre 17s driving lessons, in Stourbridge DY7, Wall Heath Dy6, Wombounre WV5, Brierley Hill dy5, Wordsley DY8, Pensnett DY5, Wordsley DY8, Kinver DY7, Pedmore DY9, Wollaston DY8, Amblecote DY8, Gornal DY3, Sedgley DY3, Stourbridge driving lessons, Dudley learn to drive, Kingswinford DY6 driver tuition, Masterclass Driver Training.

Schools and colleges that MASTERCLASS DRIVER TRAINING has trained clients from, King Edwards college Stourbridge, Dudley college and Dudley sixth, Halesowen college, Stourbridge college, Oldswinford hospital school, Haybridge sixth form, Hagley, Ounsdale sixth form, Wombourne, Wolverhampton grammar school, Wolverhampton girls high school, Royal school, Wolverhampton, Kinver academy, Masterclass driver training, driving lessons, learn to drive, Summerhill school, Kingswinford, the Kingswinford school, Crestwood school Kingswinford, the Wordsley school, Holly Hall academy, Elmfield school Stourbridge, Ridgewood school Wollaston, King Charles Kidderminster, Wolverley High School, and many more, we have always served all the pupils we have had from these fine educational establishments, to the best of our abilities.

“Safe driving everyday” Masterclass Driver Training Stourbridge/ West Midlands UK.

Chris Mennell Dip Di, DVSA ADI

Principal, Masterclass driver training, DVSA Driving Instructor (top grade) DVSA ORDIT trainer (10 inspections passed) and a nice guy !!!