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Motorway Driving & Development

Why motorway training…

After passing the basic government driving test, the majority of the UK’s drivers take no motorway driving tuition. Driving on motorways is a totally different driving concept/environment to any other driving situation, it is essential to encourage safe motorway driving.

As motorways become more crowded and more busy, the old attitude of “just get on and go for it” has to be changed and a new mind set needs to be created.

Daily, radio and TV/internet travel bulletins and the highways agency and google maps reports, major motorway accidents, motorway closures, multi vehicle collisions and serious injuries.

These situations could be avoided, by drivers taking time for training and education (although some feel they know best, with aggression and being competitive are the best way to drive) Statistics show that slower speeds and a more considerate approach by all drivers means safer driving for everyone.


Motorway-Masterclass driver training-Tutor Chris Mennell…

Motorway-Masterclass driver training sessions are aimed at educating and developing driving techniques, for drivers of all experiences and standards.

If you are a nervous driver, or have never driven on a motorway before, maybe a student going off too university, going on a new holiday journey, working for a new employer in a new city/town, perhaps recovering from an accident situation, or have a rehabilitation situation. Training on motorway skills can be an essential skill.

Motorway- Masterclass driver training- practical driving skills…

Motorway- Masterclass driver training is aimed at practical driving, kerbside instruction prior to entering the motorway will be kept to a minimum, as to maximise driving time. There will be plenty of opportunities for reflection and feedback on the route, when leaving the motorway at various exits.

Masterclass- Masterclass driver training- how the sessions work…

Motorway training can be taken as a ‘one off’ training session or if required, or a short programme of training modules that can be arranged to suit the drivers needs and requirements. Training fees are agreed prior to training commencing. All training is based on ‘one to one’ training style, however, if you are nervous or apprehensive, you can, by arrangement, have a friend/colleague/parent accompany you on your session. A client centred approach will be used at all times and if you feel more comfortable, you can use your own vehicle or ours (there is a slightly higher fee for use of our training vehicle)

Motorway- Masterclass driver training- session format-tutor- Chris Mennell…

The Session format for motorway-Masterclass driver training- will be:

  • Meet and greet
  • Short Question and answer session to confirm clients’ requirements
  • Short drive to settle in
  • Very short kerbside stop to discuss basic motorway rules (this can be conducted as a question and answer session on the move, to save your time)
  • Entering the motorway, including the roundabout that precedes it
  • Getting used to the new driving environment
  • Changing lanes/overtaking
  • Leaving and re-entering, including traffic light control
  • Constant coaching/instruction and support will be given through the drive including debriefings and reflection.

Motorway-Masterclass driver training-session content-tutor- Chris Mennell

Our commitment to safe motorway driving is in the content we can offer:

  • Understanding the concept of motorways
  • The law, the rules and regulations
  • Entering/use of slip roads
  • Speed and speed limits
  • Route planning and personal safety
  • Preparing the vehicle, fuel, tyres, under the bonnet
  • Preparation of yourself, ’a good nights’ sleep and general health
  • Changing lanes, use of mirrors and signals
  • Overtaking if necessary
  • Not hogging the outer lanes
  • Leaving the motorway
  • Use of the hard shoulder
  • Breakdown procedure
  • The importance of following distance
  • Extreme weather/ night driving
  • Service areas/ positives and negatives
  • Fatigue, coping with boredom, keeping focused
  • Dealing with aggressive drivers
  • Large vehicles, towing, gradients
  • Planning ahead
  • Dealing with queues and alternative routes
  • Hazard lights on the approach to queues
  • Rolling road blocks, the role of the highways agency
  • Dealing with the police/emergency service vehicles
  • Following diversions-off the motorway
  • Road sign information-overhead signs
  • Tidal flow- lane control
  • Dealing with other drivers/vehicles
  • Wide loads- the rules on other vehicles
  • Cross winds- tunnels and bridges
  • The role of highways patrols officers and their powers
  • Dealing with DVSA average speed cameras

Motorway- Masterclass driver training- how to move things on…

To informally discuss all motorway needs, please contact Chris Mennell, Dip Di, DVSA ADI (30 years), ORDIT ADI trainer(over 28 years) on 0800 142 0000, by text 07948 407 959 or email [email protected]. Chris will discuss your needs and even take you on this important step in your safe driver motorway development.


Motorway-Masterclass driver training- Kingswinford, Stourbridge, Dudley, Wolverhampton, and all surrounding areas, motorway training- west midlands WallHeath,Bridgnorth,Kidderminster,Hagley,Pedmore,Kinver,Lye,Penn,Himley,Gornal,Sedgley,Coseley,Bobbington,Trysal, Seisdon, Brierley Hill, Pensnett, Wordsley, Wombourne, Telford,Walsall,Bilston, Kidderminster, Amblecote,Pedmore,Hagley,Bromesgrove, Norton and all areas in between.

Masterclass Driver Training- ‘Safe Driving Everyday’

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