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Driver Development Training

“Making Driving a Pleasure Again”

Male driver hands holding steering wheel of a car and roadWHAT IS DRIVER DEVELOPMENT TRAINING ? – STOURBRIDGE…..

Driver development is the encouragement and the mentoring of qualified drivers to improve and develop their driving techniques and safe practice, to become a better and safer driver. Anyone who wants to show the personal dedication to improve their driving skills, will show the strength of character to be a high standard and considerate road user.


Anyone ! If you are a new driver or have been driving 40/50/60 years, are of any age group, or a low or high mileage driver, a convicted driver, need refresher training, help is there to develop you. Generally, those who think they don’t need driver development training, are the very people who do need help. The understanding of needing driver improvement is a genuine strength and not a weakness (as general society appears to encourage). If you are an everyday driver or driving instructor who needs help or development with a standards check, training to become a driving instructor or a taxi driver who needs advice or training. You may be company driver with an assessment pending, or an older driver who needs assistance. Guidance on motorway driving, or those who drive to keep their independence. We will also develop your ability to stay within the speed limit, this will include more understanding of the skills of, driving at a speed appropriate for the conditions.

Any driver can benefit from driver development – Stourbridge, we can help you.


Learn the art of safe planning and anticipation. Reduce your fuel consumption (save up to 30% a year) and car maintenance bills (front brake pads and tyres in particular). Make a real contribution to less exhaust emissions, avoid harsh acceleration towards hazards and turn the engine off, when parked or in queues. Develop car maintenance plans, to keep running costs under control and make use of the manufacturers guide book. Learn to keep your vehicle and traffic flow moving, by avoiding stop and start, (none thinking driving techniques). You can prevent causing more congestion and queues, by planning and keeping your vehicle moving (others will follow what you do). Understand how not to rely on the footbrake, to get you out of trouble. Improve your health & learn how to reduce stress, heart rate, blood pressure, of modern day driving. End your journey feeling fresh and not ‘wound up’ or angry. Your insurance company will encourage any form of driver development. This will improve your insurance rating and save you money on increasing premiums. Learn how to stay within the law, avoid parking fines and clamping charges, including school parking charges and speeding, understand the law (we can’t keep blaming others). Think about passenger comfort and how planning and smooth use of vehicle controls can improve safety. Make being your passenger, a more pleasant experience. If this list appeals to you, then driver development training is the next step to improve.


A very experienced professional trainer/coach/mentor. Chris Mennell Dip DI, has over 32 years of training drivers of all standards in Stourbridge and surrounding towns/cities, including Kingswinford, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Wombourne, Kinver, Brierley Hill, Wordsley, Telford, Kidderminster, Halesowen, Sedgley, Gornal, Himley, Claverley, Bobbington, Enville, Pedmore, Hagley, Amblecote, Wall Heath, Kingswinford, Wollaston, Penn, Pensnett… A top grade ‘A’ instructor (51/51 maximum score) under the new DVSA assessment scheme. Chris will use a client centred approach to all training and development, meaning you will be personally involved at all stages, of learning and development. Chris also values the opinions and input of all clients, he will use a special self- created technique, of responding to client answers to explore the subject further and deeper, including extending the conversation (clients will be encouraged to use a reflective log). This teaching technique is also included with the training of pre 17s learners, learners drivers (100s of passes), mature drivers scheme, refresher drivers, taxi tests, advanced driving tests, classroom training at all levels, driving instructor training (100s of passes) driving instructor standards check preparation (100s of passes) and driver development training courses in Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK.  “A safe pair of hands”- Chris Mennell  DVSA ADI 2017.


‘Safe driving every day’, is becoming a more stressful event. Keeping yourself safe, has become even more important than ever. Trying to read the actions, aggression, bad manners and incompetence of others, has become more essential, for a drivers and passengers personal safety. Insurance companies are being more careful with their requirements from their insured drivers/clients (this includes making vehicle modifications without disclosing them and cloning vehicles). Avoiding unnecessary accidents, for example: reversing off a domestic drive way, in to passing traffic, or a supermarket car park shunt, can be easily avoided. Encouraging effective observation, is very important to safe driving, reversing and planning. Loss of a no claims bonus, can become a very expensive, and in many cases, can always be avoided. Official statistics show, that nationally in the UK, 23% of all accidents are caused through driver distraction (don’t use your mobile device when driving, or drink, eat food, loud music, etc ). Learn how to develop concentration skills and avoid being distracted, when driving. Being competitive, with others when driving, (racing on the highway, an offence that would result in a prison sentence) is on the increase. This problem can be something a driver didn’t realise they were doing, (just getting away from the traffic lights a bit faster than others, is a basic example). Learn how to be defensive and a more considerate road user. Road manners are deteriorating, develop your ability to show courtesy (thank people for giving way) and encourage others to do the same, by following your good example. Be proud to be a high standard and safer driver. Speeding is an aggressive tendency and is the major cause of the UKs accidents. We will develop you, for safe use of speed and for conditions. The penalty of 3 points and a £60 fine for being caught speeding (outside of London), are only the starting point. Being caught doing twice the speed limit will result in an automatic 56 day disqualification. Insurance companies now take penalty points in to account, when calculating insurance premiums. We will also develop awareness of the effects of fatigue, stress, depression, alcohol, drugs, eyesight, age, medication, foot wear and the use of technology. We will also counter the bad attitude of other drivers and discourage driver retaliation, this includes the use of playing computer games (driving games) prior to driving.


You can call us, in confidence, on our free phone telephone number 0800 132 4808 (answerphone), or text us on 07421 272 408, or text us direct on 07948 407 959. We will call you back within 24 hours, to discuss your needs and what we can do to assist you to improve your driving skills. You can email [email protected] to again receive our personal attention. Training will start with an assessment of you. This can be a discussion of training needs and a short driving assessment, or by discussion to meet your learning and development requirements, in any format of assessment that assists your learning goals.  Our training vehicle is available for development training or you can use your own usual vehicle, insurance permitting.  Payments can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.


Training sessions last for a 55 minutes session or multiples of that. Training rates are agreed at the start of the training programme. Our terms of business, secures our commitment to good standards of service and training. Training duration is flexible, weekly, monthly, or any duration to suit you. We will not put you under pressure to book training, you don’t need or can’t afford. Development training is about training and road safety.


Masterclass driver training and Chris Mennell, have over 30 years of experience in offering and delivering driver development training in Stourbridge, West Midlands UK and surrounding areas.  Driver development, road safety and customer care have always been our priority. “Making driving a pleasure again”.


Driver training and development in Stourbridge, West Midlands and Chris Mennell, offer drivers of all ages and standards the opportunity to improve and develop their driving, without having the pressure of having to pass a test. We help you to think and concentrate to develop your skills, to make you a safer and more responsible driver.

What next ?

Call us to discuss your needs and become a safe and considerate driver.

Chris Mennell, Principal & Director of training, Masterclass driver training, Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK. 07948 407 959

“Making driving a pleasure again”