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ADI Standards Check - Results

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To remain on the Register of Approved driving instructors (Road traffic act 1988), all driving instructors must undergo and pass a ADI standards check, when requested by the ADI Registrar. It is a legal requirement.

The ADI standards check creates a national standard for all instructors teaching car driving (category B) and will offer the general public the opportunity to have genuine access to information regarding an instructors teaching standard. A DVSA examiner sits in the back of a normal driving lesson and makes an assessment of the lesson given, this gives an accurate measure of training standards.

For the instructor, it is an essential personal quality control check. It will give instructors, more opportunity to reflect and improve areas of instruction that need strengthening. The new assessment also gives a more natural assessment of an instructors’ performance and their ability to present a more client centred approach to their teaching and record keeping.

ADI Standards Check, marking system…

Assessment guidelines assess the instructor on a 3 phase and 17 competency system, each section scores a maximum of 3 which gives a max mark of 51.

Score 0 to 30 fail
Score 31 to 42 pass grade B
Score 43 to 51 pass grade A

It should be noted that the instructor is allowed to continue to teach for reward, after failing the ADI standards check.  Two further attempts will be permitted for the instructor to raise their instructional standard to the required level. If they can’t, they will be removed from the register of Approved Driving Instructors.

Sharing the results of an ADI Standards Check,  with the general public…

The ADI register was introduced in 1970 to protect the public from poor standards of teaching and general conduct. So for the public to be made aware of instructor grades, would be a positive step forward.

Any member of the public wishing to use services of an Approved Driving Instructor, would find it helpful to know the standard of teaching they can expect to receive.  The proof of the ADI Standards Check marking/assessment report, as assessed by the DVSA, is ideal for the public to see an independent assessment of the individuals teaching skills.  Instructors should publish their assessment result, so that potential or existing clients can make a decision regarding their selection of the correct driver training professional. The public/client should ask to see the instructors standards check sheet, (they all have one). They can then assess the instructors’ competence, before booking driving lessons with them. Some argue against this open approach, you would have to wonder why!

Our policy regarding ADI Standards Checks ….

As our policy is total quality and client centred, we now offer on this web page, Chris Mennell of Masterclass Driver Trainings’ last ADI standards check result and marking sheet, we are committed to high standards and levels of instruction.

Chris Mennell Principal & Director of training-Masterclass Driver Training- ADI standards check, Stourbridge/Kingswinford, West Midlands…

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Safe learning and safe teaching

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