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Terms of Business

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Appointment card

The appointment/student record card will be issued before or on the first lesson, clients are requested to produce the card on every lesson. The card will be up-dated by the instructor at the end of every lesson. The appointment card remains the property of Masterclass driver training and must be returned at the end of the driving course or at any time when requested to do so. Clients are requested not to fill in the progress chart or lesson appointment columns themselves.

Driving licence

Clients must personally ensure that they are the holders of a valid, signed current driving licence for the vehicle category to be driven. The paper and card licence must be produced to the instructor, on the first lesson and must be shown to the instructor when requested at any time during the driving course. Clients must inform the driving school within 7 days, of any motoring offences/endorsements that may affect learning to drive. Clients should honestly advise the instructor of any illness/disability or current medication that may affect their driving, including any changes that may occur during the driving course of lessons.

Client well being

In the interest of comfort and safety, clients are advised to wear suitable footwear/clothing, which does not restrict any movement. We would also ask pupils not to bring mobile telephone devices to their lessons. The instructor will advise clients on these matters. We encourage client feedback and we may contact you, to enquire, about your experience of learning to drive with us.

Client contact details

It is the clients’ responsibility to inform and keep the driving school up-to-date with any changes to their personal contact information. The driving school will not take any responsibility, for mistakes made to the service given to clients, due to this.

Contacting us

Our Freephone telephone number takes voice messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, please leave only one (1) message. Clients are asked to leave their name and contact number, the name of their instructor and a short message to explain their enquiry. As driving instructors are very busy people (and so are you), we will pass your message to your instructor and he/she will return your call/enquiry within the same working day. If you are contacting your instructor on their personal mobile number, please be respectful of the time of contact, calls and texts should be made between 8am and 8pm Monday to Saturday but not on Sundays. You can contact us by email, through our official web site, We will always try to return calls/texts/emails as soon as possible.

The training vehicle

All training vehicles will comply with safety and the law, they will be clean inside and out. They will be regularly maintained (including tyres) and will be fully insured for tuition and driving tests and off road ‘under 17s driving lessons’, with an MOT where appropriate. We do not use strong smelling air fresheners and we have a smoking free ‘in car’ environment. All training vehicles are fitted with the latest dual control systems, to aid the complete safe ‘learning to drive’ experience. Masterclass driver training has a mix/choice of training vehicles, with secondary interior mirrors fitted as standard, with most vehicles fitted with air conditioning/climate control for your comfort and anti-lock braking systems fitted for your personal safety, with power steering fitted for ease of control. All cars will display an acrylic roof sign whilst on tuition, to inform other road users, that the driver is under instruction.

Arrangements for pick up and drop off

Lessons are normally conducted from the client’s home address and returning to that address to finish. In cases of personal arrangements made between the pupil and instructor, (to start and finish at different locations), the instructor or driving school will not be held liable or responsible for any misunderstandings arising from these. We would remind clients that this arrangement is not to be used as a taxi style service, but it is a driving lesson.

Tuition fees/lesson duration times

Tuition fees and lesson durations will be agreed before tuition commences, this information will be clearly recorded on the student record card. The fee for the ‘test day package’ will also be agreed and clearly recorded on the student record card (this fee must be paid at the point of pick up, on the day of the official driving test). Clients must have cleared any outstanding account/tuition fees prior to taking their driving test. Payments for tuition should be made by cash or cheque, (cheques should be made payable in the name of the individual instructor) not to Masterclass driver training. Credit accounts are NOT available in any circumstances. Please DO NOT come to the lesson without the means to pay for it, as the lesson will not be taken and a charge may be incurred.

Postponement of a driving lesson by instructor/driving school

If by reason of a vehicle failure or an emergency (including illness) a lesson has to be cancelled/postponed at short notice, an alternative appointment will be offered/arranged by mutual consent, as soon as possible. Should postponement be a driving test, the instructor will be personally responsible to the candidate for the fee of the next test, if this occurs within the minimum DVSA driving test cancellation period. Clients should be aware that it may not always be possible to notify of cancellation, if a breakdown occurs on the way to a lesson.

Driving tests take priority over driving lessons, therefore a lesson already booked may sometimes have to be cancelled or postponed if the driving school receives a short notice test booking. The instructor where possible, will work within the same time frame for cancellation, as it expects from clients who wish to cancel or postpone a driving lesson. If circumstances arise that a change of instructor becomes necessary, the pupil will be offered a suitable replacement by mutual consent.

Postponement or cancellation of lessons by clients

Clients should only book lessons that they require. The instructor and driving school does not expect pupils to be consistently cancelling pre booked driving lessons at short notice without good reason. To assist your instructor in planning their diary, 48 hours notice will be required for the cancellation or postponement of a lesson, (Sundays and public holidays are not counted in the 48 hours notice period). Clients will be expected to pay for any lessons cancelled at very short notice or in the event of the instructor arriving at the agreed time/day/pick up point and the client is not in attendance. Cancellation of lessons will be recorded on the student record card.

Postponement or cancellation of a driving test

The attention of clients is drawn to the fact that a statutory period of notice (currently 3 clear working days) is required under government regulations to cancel or postpone an official driving test appointment. The statutory notice period does not include the day of the test, the day of contact, Sundays or public holidays, three (3) clear working days are required, to avoid a loss of test fee.

If possible the pupil or parent (if pupil under 18 years old) will be advised in good time of the advisability of cancelling or postponing of a driving test. The instructor/driving school cannot be held responsible for the loss for the test fee if the pupil fails to immediately notify the testing authority. The contact details are available on the driving test booking confirmation document.

The instructor or driving school cannot be held responsible for the postponement or cancellation of a driving test by the testing authority at whatever notice.

Instructor/driving school guarantee

The instructor/driving school guarantee that only legally authorised instructors will give tuition. Instructors’ official authorising documents will be displayed on the windscreen of the tuition vehicle and may be inspected freely at any time. Clients may be accompanied on their lesson by a supervising examiner from the DVSA, whose role is to ensure that the tuition delivered meets the required government standard. This is a legal requirement and is in the public interest. If an authorised trainee instructor is used, a pupil may expect a senior supervising instructor to be present during some of the lessons. All instructors will be of smart appearance and vehicles will be clean inside and out. We operate a no smoking policy and all instructors have a regular full enhanced criminal record check (CRB). All instructors at Masterclass Driver Training take regular continuing professional development training from their top grade (ORDIT) DVSA official register of driving instructor training, training officer.

The driving test


Notice to parents. Would you march into your son or daughters school and demand that your son/daughter take an examination before a)they are ready for it and b) before the examination board had set the date for the exam, no you wouldn’t, so why try to do this with a driving test !

The advice for test application will be based on the client’s progress to date. It does NOT imply that the necessary standard has been reached, or that it will be for certain to be reached by the appointed test date. The instructor will not hesitate to advise where necessary, the postponement of the test. This condition is intended to save the pupil expense, unnecessary failure, loss of confidence and the consequent delay in waiting for another test and obtaining a full licence.

The driving school/instructor reserves the right to withhold the use of the tuition vehicle for a test or lesson, if in the opinion of the instructor the pupil is:

Not at driving test standard

Medically unfit (including eyesight)

Under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Is not properly licenced to drive

Consistently fails to keep/cancels or is late for appointments

Falls in to arrears over payment

Booking a test without consulting the instructor or driving school

If for any other reason the instructor considers the client will be unable to handle a motor vehicle

Clients may be accompanied on a test by a supervising examiner, whose role is to ensure that official standards of testing are observed by examiners. This is a legal requirement and is in the public interest.

You are reminded that you must inform your instructor immediately of the time/date/venue of your driving test. If this clashes with another pre booked test, you will be responsible for changing the test to another more suitable day/date. Clients are also responsible for ensuring that all required documents are taken to the driving test, examiners cannot take tests without these, which will result in the loss of the test fee. The instructor cannot be held responsible for the loss of test fees due to incorrect documents taken to driving tests. If your test is cancelled in the test centre waiting room (due to examiner illness/no examiner/inclement weather or any other circumstances) then the driving test period will continue as a normal driving lesson and will be charged at usual lesson charging rates.

Under no circumstances can the instructor be held liable or responsible for the result or the driving actions of the candidate, on an official driving test.

Lessons in own car

Lessons may be given in the clients own vehicle if the instructor is willing to do so, on the condition that it is clearly understood that, the vehicle is fully insured for teaching and reward. The insurance certificate must be made available for inspection.

The instructor can in no way be held liable for any damage or accident that occurs during the lessons. Every effort to prevent damage or an accident occurring will be made by the instructor, without dual controls this can be greatly restricted. There is no reduction in lesson charging rates regarding lessons given in the client’s vehicle.


The driving school vehicle is fully insured for tuition and driving tests, the insurers name is…


The insurance certificate is available for inspection. No liability of any kind can be accepted by the driving school/instructor for the loss of or damage to any property belonging to, or in the possession of the client.

Legal liability

Clients (if under 18 years old) and parents, should be aware that their instructors primary objective is to promote road safety and in doing so he/she will have to issue instructions which clients must be prepared to carry out without undue argument.

The instructor will make every effort to train you to the highest standard, but can in no way be held liable for any errors you commit whilst driving and unaccompanied by your instructor either before or after a driving test pass.


Refunds are only issued for lessons that have been pre-paid and have not been taken. Under no circumstances will refunds be given for lessons that have been taken. If a refund is valid, it will be paid by cheque, in the name of the person who originally paid for the lessons and will be sent within 28 days to the address of the client only. Gift vouchers are valid for six (6) months from the date of purchase, this is clearly identified on the voucher, six (6) months means within six (6) months. Vouchers will not be honoured after this date, unless there are proven special circumstances and with the agreement of the driving school principal.

Abuse and confrontation

It is our firm policy to give the highest standards of customer service, driver training and development and treat all people with total respect and courtesy. However, our staff and instructors are not prepared to take abuse, confrontation, rude or aggressive behaviour from clients, their parents or members of the public. We will in all cases, accept that clients can get frustrated when things don’t go to plan, but abuse and confrontation in any form is unacceptable (Evans, Wombourne, Dec 2014). It is our policy to discontinue training, where abuse and intimidation is proved. We will report abuse to the police if necessary and consider civil court action.


If you are unhappy with any aspect of your tuition, you should notify your instructor without delay and no later than seven (7) days from the date on which the cause of the complaint arose. Every effort will be made by the instructor to satisfactorily deal with the problem, these terms of business and the code of practice for approved driving instructors will form the basis for negotiations

Should any dispute be unresolved mutually then the client has the right to refer the matter to, The Principal, Masterclass driver training, and put in writing within seven (7) days of the problem occurring, sent to our registered company address.

Your responsibility to us

Your Instructor and the driving school expect you to show responsibility towards your lessons and learning to drive, this includes the person who is paying for them. Not to keep cancelling at short notice and failing to keep appointments. To get up in good time and be mentally fresh for the lesson, to show a good attitude to learning, driving in general and be respectful to your instructor. Not to create unnecessary pressure, by pushing us to take driving tests that you are clearly not ready for. Please don’t listen to the comments made by others about learning to drive, you are an individual and will make the progress that suits you. Don’t bring your mobile telephone device to your lessons, it’s not needed, learn to drive safely without distraction. We do expect you to take part in the lesson and talk/interact with us.

Our responsibility to you

We will at all times try our very best to teach you to drive safely and become a safe driver. We will plan your lessons and answer any questions you may have, advise you with regard  to your progress. We will keep your student record card up-to-date and act in a professional manner including our personal presentation. You will be treated with respect and courtesy at all times and we will advise you honestly when to book your practical driving test.


‘Learn to drive’ with Masterclass Driver Training, ‘Driving lessons’ in ‘Kingswinford’, West Midlands. Where you, ‘our client’ and high standards of ‘driving tuition’ come first. Promoting ‘Safe driving everyday’ and our honest approach to business practise.


Covered by English law, these terms of business are valid from 1/1/2015, © Chris Mennell, Principal, Masterclass Driver Training Ltd