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Mature Drivers Refresher/Development Scheme


The Statement “you never stop learning” is never more applicable to modern day driving.

In an ever changing driving environment, we should all enjoy our daily driving, but we must also make the safety of others and ourselves our main priority.

The Masterclass driver training logo “safe driving everyday” is aimed at our personal commitment,  to develop and improve the driving standard of drivers of all abilities and age groups.

As we all get older, the driving task naturally becomes more difficult, but this does not mean that mature drivers, can’t continue to drive safely and confidently into their old age and still enjoy the freedom and independence that driving offers many individuals.

Masterclass driver training has developed a unique mature driver training programme aimed at helping older drivers to improve, recover, develop their daily driving skills.

We understand that after years of safe driving, it is often difficult to seek professional help, advice and guidance on driving matters, but Masterclass mature drivers programme is here to help you, continue with your daily safe driving.

Our training programme starts with an initial meeting and a short driver training assessment (it’s not a test, so there is nothing to worry about) it lasts for 90mins and there is a charge for this, which is discussed and agreed prior to arrangement. You will find the money well spent, for the advice you will receive.

We Understand and want to help you.

The initial assessment is conducted in a professional and confidential manner, at all times you will be treated with respect and courtesy. We will support you at all stages and after the initial conversation regarding your driving concerns, we will ask you to drive and show us your current standard (no need to put on a special show, it’s not a test) the instructor will talk to you as you drive and ask some questions to see what you are thinking. You can use your car or ours.

At the end of the drive, we will give you professional feedback, which will help you to develop your skills, we will honestly advise you on which of our listed training modules you may require and no pressure will be put on individuals to take training they may not feel comfortable with.

The Training modules.

Masterclass driver training – mature drivers scheme, has been running for over 28 years in the Kingswinford, Stourbridge, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Kidderminster and Black Country areas of the west midlands and always considers the needs of clients first, the following list of training modules:

  • Initial assessment and feedback
  • Judgement of speed and distance
  • Special awareness skills
  • Use of gears and basic car control
  • Parking-parallel and bay (reverse or drive in)
  • General confidence
  • Reading the road, using the long view
  • Dealing with aggressive drivers
  • Planning routes, forward planning, keeping safe
  • Recovering from ill health
  • Driving preparation, maintaining your vehicle
  • Dealing with difficult driving environments
  • Changing lanes, dual carriageways, multi lane roundabouts
  • Decision making, how to improve
  • Motorway driving
  • Driving at night, looking at changing eyesight
  • Just driving down to the local shops
  • Local journeys, visiting friends, keeping your independent
  • Selecting the best car to suit your needs
  • The social side of driving and improving

We can offer any other module at your personal request.

Contact us:
Masterclass Driver Training – Mature drivers training scheme, Kingswinford, Stourbridge, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Kidderminster and Black Country areas on our Freephone number 07956 952 529, or you can text us on 07948 407 959 and we will call you back. You can email [email protected] and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Please remember:
Please Don’t feel isolated and unprepared or worried about your daily driving, genuine help is available to any older/mature driver.  It won’t cost as much as you  might think and will be money well spent, let us all promote ‘safe driving everyday’ for all road users.

Masterclassdrivertraining-mature/elderly/olderage/over60s,70,s,80,s driver scheme, Kingswinford,Stourbridge,Dudley,Pedmore,Hagley,Wombourne,Kinver,Claverley,Wolverhampton, West midlands, and all surrounding areas.

‘Safe driving everyday’