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Part 2 Instructor

ADI PART 2 – S O S – Chris Mennell – Masterclass

Get help and guidance to pass the ADI part 2

Many start their ADI training course with good intensions, but for many things don’t go to plan.

The part 2 test, has now given examiners a greater opportunity to assess a wider range of the potential instructors driving skills.

Training has to be maintained and increased both by trainers and trainees, to meet the national standards set for the driver training industry and to improve road safety.

What can we offer to help with your ADI part 2-S O S – from Chris Mennell

Chris Mennell is a specialist in the ADI part 2 –S O S – helping candidates who are struggling, or who have failed to reach the required standard for ADI part 2. Help is there, if you really look for it. No shared cars or a different trainer, for every session.

I offer over 30 years of very successful training and development of potential driving instructors. I am an independent trainer, with no connection to any other driving school/organisation, so I can give honest and independent advice and training.

Grade A {51/51) instructor and having passed 10 ORDIT trainer inspections and have achieved check test grade 6 (top grade) on 6 separate occasions. With a wealth of driving training experience, having completed over 52,000 training sessions at all levels.

I offer potential instructors, a professional, reliable and confidential service, with structured training to suit any individual.

Genuine, ‘one to one’ training, with all training sessions, conducted on a ‘pay by the hour basis’ only. We agree training fees and training location prior to booking.

There are hundreds of successful candidates’ that have passed ADI part 2/3 with ChrisMennell.

I am more than happy to help potential driving instructors who have trained independently or have been on a pre-paid course with a larger driving school. (Don’t feel guilty about changing your training provider, it may be in your best interests and not theirs)

Call/text: Chris Mennell,  ADI part 2 – S OS – to discuss your training requirements, 07948 407 959, or email [email protected]

Chris Mennell – ADI part 2 – S O S – training in, the West Midlands, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and all areas and towns in within.

Remember help is there for you, If you look for it.